Kamranga (Carambola) ± 50 gm 500 gm

৳ 49.00

Every 500 grams of the product will contain 6-7 pieces of Kamranga (Carambola).

Carambola or star fruit is one of the most sought after fruits due to its nutrient density and antioxidant levels. This exotic fruit is definitely one of the best fruits that promote health! Carambola fruit is an extremely low-calorie fruit that is rich in dietary fibre, vitamin A, B and C along with minerals like zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, iron and potassium among others. Moreover, it has high amounts of antioxidants like polyphenolic compounds, quercetin, gallic acid and epicatechin.

Nutritional facts/Ingredients :

“Health benefits:

-Is anti-inflammatory


-Promotes weight loss

-Regulates blood pressure

-Boosts digestion


-May improve metabolism

-Helps reduce cholesterol levels

-May improve respiratory health”


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